South Asian Forum of Employers || SAFE :: Summary & Draft Report of last meeting at Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2nd & 3rd October 2012
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 Subject :Report part 02 -Way Forward.. 09-01-2013 02:12:42 
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The workshop participants also agreed on a way forward to work towards the identified objectives and for which the following recommendations were made:

  • Set up a forum to strengthen corporation among South Asian EOs by way of sharing of knowledge and information on matters of mutual interest and concern for the EOs and the sub region.
  • The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon (EFC) undertook to coordinate this activity ‘on line’ and follow up in setting up a website : www.safe.org.lk
  • A workshop to be held in 2012 for the EOs to follow up on initiatives to achieve objectives in terms of workshop summary.

Mr. Dasanayaka also observed that linking up with international and regional organizations will add weight to the activities of SAFE and thereby enable successful initiatives from the SAFE point of view. He stated that SARC is one such body which SAFE could seriously consider linking up with for this purpose. He reiterated that the SAFE website is an extremely effective platform for knowledge and information sharing, as well as a good communication tool to understand each other, and is thus capable of better utilization than at present.




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