South Asian Forum of Employers || SAFE :: Summary & Draft Report of last meeting at Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2nd & 3rd October 2012
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 Subject :Report part 03 -Presentation : the SAFE website.. 09-01-2013 02:10:37 
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Introduction by Mr. Ravi Peiris, Director General, Employers’ Federation of Ceylon

Mr. Peiris communicated to the participants of the workshop that the website www.safe.org.lk was set up to share information among the EOs of the region and thereby pave way for more interaction. He stressed that co-operation among the South Asian EOs is extremely important in terms of understanding and supporting each other.

Mr. K.K. Dasun Nalinda, IT Network Administrator, EFC

Mr. Dasun Nalinda described the forum webpage to be not merely a website but an interactive communication tool. He compared it to facebook, and LinkedIn – social networks for sharing information run on the virtual environment.  Likewise, he stated that www.safe.org.lk can act as a base to share the interests, experiences and knowledge of the group with the following to offer:

  • Platform for intellectual exchange (knowledge sharing base)
  • Link up with other EOs
  • Learn new ideas
  • Enjoy community membership
  • Influencing the evolution of the forum
  • New business leads, etc.

Suggestions by the participants following the presentation

  • To extend the access of the website to the members of each EO (subject to the agreeability of the other EO reps)
  • Updating the website with IR/ Business related news – however the EOs will have to analyze and filter such updates and must be very cautious in doing so.
  • EOs to send into the website forum, at least quarterly, concrete decisions reached and any vital information in relation to IR/ Industrial disputes, and anything relevant.

The initiative of creating the website was greatly appreciated by all the participants and it was agreed that this forum should be made more interactive.


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