South Asian Forum of Employers || SAFE :: Summary & Draft Report of last meeting at Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2nd & 3rd October 2012
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 Subject :Report part 08 - Recommendations at the SAFE forum :.. 09-01-2013 01:48:32 
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The following recommendations were formulated by the participants of the workshop in the final session of the second day.

  1. To set up a discussion forum within the SAFE website.
  2. Strengthening the website – and appoint one contact point for every country.
  3. To publish quarterly employment reports on the website.
  4. Sharing information in general on the website – ease of doing business.
  5. For sensitive issues/concerns to be discussed away from the forum on a one to one basis, and the final outcome to be updated on the website.
  6. Lobbying common positions from regional, governmental, and international bodies (such as SARC) .
  7. Lobby with governments with major barriers such as ease of work permits etc.
  8. To discuss stances with regard to ILO standards and common positions.
  9. To go beyond a discussion forum – and make way for video conferences and maybe also bilateral visits (exchange programmes) to learn from each other – taking knowledge sharing to a different level.
  10. Institutionalize annual awards of excellence in areas such as IR, HR etc at the Country level first and thereafter at the SAFE level.
  11. Establish centers of excellence in each country and arrange for study tours to visit and learn from the same.
  12. Promote SAFE more extensively – meeting by rotation in each member country.
  13. Promoting alternate dispute resolution.
  14. Sharing services rendered by the EOs and important events organized by the same – so that’s the rest can make use of this information if so desired.
  15. Links on the SAFE website to the webites of all the regional member Eos and also highlight in those websites member vacancies and any other pertinent information.
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